Giving Lenders Access to
Pre-Qualified Borrowers

Why Fastcheck?

Lenders receive only qualified applications that match their predefined criteria.

The Fastcheck Advantage

Efficient Gatekeeping

Fastcheck ensures that only qualified consumers are processed, enhancing lender efficiency and decision-making

Automatic Application Filtering

Automatically filter applications based on your criteria.

Receive Qualified Applications

Only receive applications that align with your criteria, saving time and resources.

Reduce Manual Workload

Decrease the need for manual processing, freeing up your team for higher-value tasks.

Accelerate Your Underwriting Process

Fastcheck’s innovative Machine Learning, Potential To Accept (PTA) score predicts the likelihood of acceptance or decline for each application, streamlining and automating your underwriting. Enjoy significant cost and time savings while enhancing decision-making efficiency.

We ran a proof of concept with a major bank and achieved an accuracy level of >90% for automating credit referrals

*Non-optimised accuracy is 85%

Flexible Integration Options

Fastcheck offers dual integration options to fit your operational and regulatory needs:

Hosted Decision Engine: Host your underwriting criteria on our platform for seamless operation.

API Integration: Connect via API for real-time soft search decisions.

Blended Approach: Utilise a combination of hosted and API solutions for maximum flexibility.


For Lenders

Enhanced Efficiency

For Borrowers

Transparent Financing

For Retailers

Higher Sales Conversions

Proven Network and Recognition

Fastcheck is a multi-award-winning platform, authorised and regulated by the FCA under number 938145. We have successfully completed the FCA Regulatory Sandbox and have been a member company in the Centre of Finance Innovation and Technology, driving the future of open finance as well as the FCA Financial Inclusion Techsprint promoting financial inclusion for all.

Fastcheck work with some of the biggest banks and lenders in the UK, speak to us to see how we can help you.

Supercharge your lending operations!