Only Qualified Borrowers, Every Time.

Fastcheck places only qualified borrower applications into your retailer system, allowing you to focus on consumers that are likely to be approved for finance.

Reduce Manual Workload.

Our platform ensures that only applications from qualified borrowers are processed by lenders. Not only does this increase sale conversions for retailers but also reduces the manual workload for lenders, while enhancing the overall efficiency and compliance of their operations.

Fastcheck makes it easy to work with your lenders


Our platform uses advanced filtering techniques to ensure that only applications meeting the lender’s
pre-defined criteria are processed. This significantly reduces the time and effort spent on unqualified leads.


Fastcheck integrates effortlessly into the lender’s existing systems, ensuring rapid deployment without disrupting their current workflow.


Lenders can easily display different finance products and offers to consumers via the Fastcheck platform

Key Benefits of Fastcheck

For Lenders

For Retailers

For Consumers