The Easiest Way to Reduce Cart Abandonment.

With Fastcheck, your consumers can now request a pre-approved loan securely from multiple lenders with just one click, significantly increasing your sales conversion rates.

Why Choose Fastcheck’s One Click Checkout?

Increase Your Sales Conversions.

Fastcheck’s Pre-Approved Financing with one click checkout allows your consumers to complete their pre-approved financing with a single click, significantly increasing sales conversion rates.

Checkout from Anywhere.

Your consumers can easily view lending offers, and checkout instore or online. This flexibility ensures that they can make purchases at any touchpoint you have in their buying journey.

Frictionless Financing Experience.

Our platform eliminates the hassle of lengthy financing application processes. Your consumers can complete their purchases quickly and effortlessly with a pre-approved financing offer, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Easy API Integration

Fastcheck integrates effortlessly into existing workflows, ensuring rapid deployment, and offering compatibility with older technologies or legacy systems. Our platform simplifies the application process, from pre-approval to submission.

A Single Gateway

With a single gateway for multiple and adjustable pre-approved finance offers for dealers and consumers. Our quote builder allows consumers to understand the impact of their behavior when building their offers which enhances the consumer experience resulting in positive outcomes.

Ready to Enhance Your Financing Process?

Fastcheck’s Pre-Qualification Financing with One Click Checkout is designed to make the purchasing process fast and easy for your consumers, directly boosting your conversion rates.