Pre-Approved Financing

With One Click Checkout

Fastcheck offers a seamless, one-click, financing checkout experience reducing friction and increasing conversion rates.

Eliminate Financing Checkout Friction.

Statistics show that 56% of of borrowers abandon an online finance application, where 30% of revenues are lost by companies every year due to process inefficiencies for financing applications. Fastcheck is here to solve this problem.

How Fastcheck Enhances Loan Checkout Conversion


Fastcheck makes it easy for consumers to obtain pre-approved loan offers without completing forms or having to remember passwords.


We help retailers keep consumers in the sales funnel by educating them on how to remain qualified for offers from the retailer’s lending panel.

Simplifying the Financing Process.

Fastcheck provides a single gateway for multiple and adjustable pre-approved finance offers for dealers and consumers. Our quote builder allows consumers to understand the impact of their behavior when building their offers which enhances the consumer experience resulting in positive outcomes.