Our Mission

To empower consumers with radical transparency and knowledge for confident and informed loan decisions. Fastcheck’s platform provides real-time insights and matches borrowers with tailored pre-approved offers, ensuring positive outcomes and financial control.

Our values:

At Fastcheck, our values drive our approach to financing. We embrace innovation to enhance accessibility and efficiency. Our commitment to integrity ensures transparency and ethics in all interactions. We prioritise consumer-centricity, exceeding applicants’ expectations at every touchpoint. By focusing on empowerment, we provide tools for informed financing decisions. We foster collaboration and teamwork, recognising that collective efforts drive success. These values guide our mission to create a more accessible and financially inclusive landscape for all.

Who are we?

Fastcheck offers an innovative real-time pre-approval platform that connects lenders, retailers, and consumers. Our solution addresses personal finance needs by providing access to pre-approved financing offers and connecting consumers with alternative lenders when their lender of preference is not available. It also addresses regulatory compliance complexities and the need for modern technological infrastructure. This translates into higher conversion rates for retailers, lower cart abandonment, and faster loan approvals, driving efficiency and growth.

A dream car on credit but the process... eurgh!

Once upon a time, our founder, Amar Rana, faced a daunting challenge: he wanted to buy his dream car on credit. Excited, he visited numerous dealership websites, only to be unable to obtain accurate pre-approved finance quotes and being asked to provide personal information such as bank details and employers details as well as undergoing a hard credit search! In addition to this he was met with a mountain of paperwork. He had to provide countless documents, fill out numerous forms, and navigate confusing applications. Each step was more frustrating than the last!

This experience left him wishing for a more seamless and straightforward way to buy a car with financing. Fuelled by this frustration, Amar set out to create a solution. He envisioned a platform where people could easily navigate the financing process, understand their repayments, and avoid the hassles and hard credit searches he had faced.

Today, Fastcheck empowers individuals with the tools and information they need to make informed financing decisions, gain instant access to pre-approved loan offers from multiple lenders with no hard credit searches, making car buying a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Awards & Recognition