Ensuring Safe and Compliant Financing

Safeguard your dealership with Fastcheck’s Regulatory Compliance Solution.

Help meet compliance obligations, reduce risk, and streamline your operations.

Why Integrate Our Solution?

With its embedded regulatory compliance solution, Fastcheck helps car dealerships navigate the complex landscape of financial regulations effortlessly. By integrating our solution, you can ensure that  your financing processes will  assist you in obligations to adhere to the latest regulatory standards, providing peace of mind for both you, your customers and your lenders.

Features of our Regulatory Compliance Solution

Education, transparency and awareness

Fastcheck’s compliance features provide radical transparency to your customers when reviewing and making adjustments to lender offers. Lenders are also able to ask customers specific questions via Fastcheck based on their own compliance requirements.

Automated Compliance Checks

Our platform performs automatic compliance checks throughout the financing process, ensuring that customers understand the finance products that you offer.

Suitability Checks

We work with lenders to ensure customers are asked specific questions based on the lender’s product they are about to apply for. These questions will change depending on the lender or the finance product and helps you demonstrate that key information was communicated to the customer prior to a finance application being made.

Legal Documentation

Fastcheck automatically sends legal documentation, such as IDD, to you customers reducing administrative burden for your dealership. 

Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with real-time updates on regulatory changes and requirements. Fastcheck keeps you ahead of the curve, ensuring your dealership is always compliant.

Benefits to Car Dealerships

Reduce Risk and Liability

By providing dealers with the tools they need to stay compliant, Fastcheck helps reduce the risk of fines and legal issues.

Streamline Operations

Automated compliance checks save time and resources, allowing your staff to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than managing regulatory paperwork.

Enhance Customer Trust

Demonstrating a commitment to regulatory compliance builds trust with your customers, showing them that you prioritise positive outcomes and adhere to high standards of operation.

How Fastcheck's Regulatory Compliance Solution Works

Integration with Dealership Systems

Fastcheck seamlessly integrates with your existing dealership management systems.

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Fastcheck continuously monitors all financing processes for compliance with relevant regulations and will make updates to the journey as and when required.

Real-Time Alerts and Updates

Receive instant alerts and updates about any regulatory changes or compliance issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed compliance reports to ensure transparency and facilitate audits.

You can rest assured that your dealership’s regulatory obligations in its financing processes are being enhanced with Fastcheck.