Shift Gears For Better Financing

Instant Loan Pre-Approval for Every Car Buyer

At Fastcheck, we transform the car financing experience by providing a seamless integration of technology and finance. Our platform instantly matches borrowers with pre-approved loan offers tailored to their credit profiles and affordability, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

First-time Borrower.​

Borrowers fill out a simple contact form and securely save their information for future loan applications.

Returning Borrower.

Fastcheck allows returning borrowers to access and apply for multiple pre-approved loan offers from any Fastcheck retailer by simply using Touch or FaceID

Easy API Integration

Integrate Fastcheck functionality into your existing website by using the Fastcheck API suite or plug and play our white label journey.

Lenders on the Fastcheck Network.

Retailers are able to build their own lending panel to offer pre-approved loans to their customers.

Unlock More Sales

Reduce cart abandonment by providing fast, real-time pre-approved loan offers from multiple lenders to your customers. Fastcheck integrates effortlessly with your existing storefront website or showroom systems, supporting continuous pre-approval for loans while ensuring operational efficiency.

Access Qualified Borrowers

Retailers receive all pre-approved finance offers that have been offered to consumers in their Fastcheck portal, allowing them to focus on consumers that are likely to be approved for finance.

One Click Checkout

Let your consumers interact with our embedded calculator, and receive instant pre-approved loan offers. Consumers can get immediate decisions on their loan application to make their car purchase smoother.